The Anglon Isles

Our journey begins in an area known as the Forbidden Forests. Segmus Hartrider believes that Anglon belongs only to the bloodlines of the Fey, and so he starts on a war with all the other races on the continent. As Segmus soaked the ground with blood, new twisted forests would rise. The region was changed, altered by the Fey magic. Well traveled areas became dark and foreboding. Hundreds went missing as entire settlements were destroyed overnight, and always the forests grew.

The orc clans in the east united under the leadership of Zaldan Warmaul, they would become the first real test for Segmus's might. The Orcs would fight back with fire and steel, attempting to drive the forests back and burn the group they fought on, but they were always beaten backwards towards the sea. For them, the sea is what saved them. For Segmus, the battle was always about returning the land to the Realm of the Fey, but his power seemed to wane the further he spread from the Forbidden Forests. Standing on the sand of Helmsland, the final battle between the Orcish tribes and Segmus took place. Segmus drove the full armies at his commands against them, but the Orcs held. Segmus rode out to battle the Zaldan in single combat ahead of his enemies. Soldiers claim the battle went on for hours but we don't have an official account of the battle. What we do know is that Segmus survived and the will of the Orcish tribes was crushed that day. The tribes have since splintered over the region of Helmsland as no other chieftain was able to unite the tribes again.

The victory for Segmus was sour however. Much of his forces were expended in that conflict for very little gain. Whatever Fey pact Segmus had made, he now saw the limits of his power. He regrouped his armies and worked on a new plan to head north. The time Segmus had devoted to his Eastern campaign bought Edgal Renderal enough time to turn a few scattered militia into an army. Edgal followed the lead of the Orcish clans and sent a request for aid to the Archmagical Council. His inquiry caught the attention of a young mage Alastar Greypyre. When Segmus began spreading his armies to the north, Edgal's forces had formed a wall. Alastar began to salt and burn the earth and enacted an unknown ritual. When Segmus sent his armies, they were flanked by Edgal. Instead of attempting to battle Segmus in open combat, Edgal's tactic was one of delay. The more time Segmus devoted to attacking the Edgal the longer Alastar had to create the line. By the days of winter in 804, Edgal would retreat back north and keep Segmus's forces from drawing power in the north. Nothing would ever grow again along Edgal's line. A formal treaty was arranged and as part of it King Renderal would end up marrying Segmus's daughter Nostia Hartrider. This marriage would bring the official end to Segmus's war.

Removal of the Forbidden Forests

No one knows the reason for Segmus's war for the forests of Anglon, but the repercussion changed the Anglon Continent forever. There was a time when the forests appeared on the material plane, but over a hundred years after the war's end, the forests themselves left he world for the Faerie Realm. Since then Anglon has been referred to as the Anglon Isles. I do not know if this was an intentional outcome of Segmus's War or if it was an unintended consequence.

A more recent discovery is that some of the lands in the Forbidden Forests has returned to the Anglon Continent. Archmagical Council seems to believe it is the land returning to its rightful plane. I respectfully disagree with the council and believe it is a repercussion of Cassius's deal with Nobian.