Frostbyrne Academy

Very far to the west, near the peak of [[Garathan's Rest]] you will find Frostbyrne Academy. By the standards of College of the Nine Arts the school is rather small as it only boasts a little more than a hundred students. Frostbyrne Academy however is the leading location for anyone wanting to study cryomancy. The high altitude means the region is forever covered in snow, although the grounds are kept a bit warmer than the neighboring heights. The nights are bitterly cold and strong winds are common. Travel to the area is treacherous, but the Wizards maintain a good relation with Sanalia and as such a Circle of Teleportation is maintained in the school.


The academy is several hundred years old. It dates back to the last attempt to settle the region by the Estellian family of Rodania. As the armies traveled East along the Silver Mountains Alicia Estella took the opportunity to study the magic in the area. There she founded the site that would become the Frostbyrne Academy. She managed to avoid the fate of armies by adapting to the winter and drawing energy from the land. She eventually would convince Sanalia to financing an Academy in the Mountains.


The Academy grounds is built into the mountain, 3 steps of land are carved out. The bottom step contains most of the living quarters, shops, forges and most of the open gardens. All of the support personnel for the academy work out of it. The next step contains the academy buildings, while the topmost step is for administration. Several hot springs from within the mountain are drawn out and run through the chambers heating the buildings. The ground itself is enchanted to stay warmer than the outside air, making the inhospitable mountain habitable year round. Still walking the grounds is too cold for those who come from warmer climates of Glamial or Genasia.