Country of Rodania

The Country of Rodania is the largest contiguous countries in the world. The Country of Rodania started off as a defensive treaty between the regional lords. Officially Edgal Renderal was recognized as the first King in 802, making it 191 years old.

Historical Royal Lineage

King Edgal Renderal - Founder b. 782, d. 853
King Richard Renderal - b. 808, d. 888
King Hestal Renderal - b. 828, d. 890
King Douglas Renderal - b. 850, d. 905
King Wallace Renderal - b. 880, d. 952
King Edgal Renderal II - b. 902, d. 966
King Edgal Renderal III - b. 949, d. 992
King Richard Renderal II - Current King - b. 979

Noble Families


The Renderal line is a lineage that traces back at least 300 years before the founding of the Country of Rodania. The Renderal's have always maintained their castle, Northridge Hold, which now forms the center of the City of Rodania.

Northridge Hold

The castle at Northridge Hold is a huge fortress and technically only the center walls of the city of Rodania are considered part of the castle. Members of Rodanian family still live in the castle and it is protected by the Royal Guard of Rodania, official Knights sworn to protect the King and his family.

The castle sits upon 14 acres of land, with walls that stand 80 feet high. There are 3 raised towers, with a large shared servants quarters between them. Sitting in the Rodanian Barracks (not to be confused with the Barracks for the Royal Guards), there exists the Royal Vault, which contains all of the treasure seized by the Throne.

Motto, Sigil

The Exiled

Edwin Renderal - b. 833 - The youngest son of King Edgal Renderal was exiled under the accusation of treason for attacking official ships of Rodania.


Stonefast Clan


Edgal Renderal

Edgal Renderal