Race: Nymph

Class: Fey Pact Adept


Lyanna was born from a song sung by the bard "Darron of the Wilds" about an elven woman he met while touring. She is over 200 years old at this point, the song, bard and woman have all been forgotten. Their romance was short lived, although later in life both looked upon the memory with fondness. The song "The Light of my Night", has been maintained within a number of Bards throughout the world due to its simple tune and the fact that it can performed by a single performer with a string instrument.

Lyanna is a fey creature and had the appearance of a beautiful young woman. She was lovely, although delicate. Captivating and alluring. As a Nymph, beauty was her defense, her strongest ability. Creatures evolve ways to defend themselves, Nymphs evolution was beauty. Although most perceive her as an elven woman, all who look upon her, mortal and beast alike know her beauty. This is both a defense and a strong weapon, and if threatened her beauty is blinding.

When Darron died, Lyanna wept for a week. He tears turned to blood, her gardens died. She was distraught, even though she never met the man whose song birthed her. She knew him, at least the version of him who wrote the lyrics and played the tune. She could hear the song on the winds, hear the words spoken in the look between lovers. It was her song, her life.

When Lyanna met Caldun (Satyr), he was singing the same song the bard sang when he met the woman who inspired his song, "My Two Loves Lost". She would later sing him her song, and her garden would be filled with the same sound that brought her to life. They lived and loved for years hidden away from the world, but their happiness didn't last.

Lyanna wasn't used to trespassers in her garden. She protected it and it kept her safe, but it was no longer safe. Something cold came in and killed her guardians. Her plants rotted, her powers wained. She attempted to face the creature, but it froze her. Her power, her song, her beauty was ripped from her body, stolen in an instant. She was left helpless as her garden turned. When Caldun came to find her, he heard her song, and saw his beautiful wife, but it was the cold dead thing that looked back at him. She stabbed him in the heart and used his body.

Lyanna slowly got back to her feet, but found the Realm of Faerie, her home a nightmarish place. She lost her beauty, her protection from the wilds, and the wilds are red in tooth and claw. She was weak and knew that there would come a time when something stronger would come and claim her life.

She left her home that day and hasn't come back. Her journey would lead her into the Heart of Winter, where she formed a pack with the Queen of Air and Darkness, the leader of the Winter Court, the Unseelie Fey. Lyanna looks upon this as her lowest point in life, where she lost everything, but the Queen on the other hand recognizes that her loss is what has given her her greatest strength. She has found a new way to survive, skills she never knew she possessed and has journeyed out of the realm into the Material Plane with a new strength.

Currently Lyanna is residing in Cassius at the Cassian Adventurer's Guild. She is seen as one of the most important agents of the Adventurer's Guild in Cassius. She has traveled a long way through the Realm of Faerie and her knowledge of it is far more than any mortal. She has personally taken the safety of several key members of the Adventurer's Guild as a priority, as well as protecting the city from the threats from the outside planes, although she routinely ignores political threats unless it directly endangers the city.


By all written accounts, Lyanna is a beautiful elven woman, but when people see her they see something else. None of her appearance seems correct, she appears haunting and unnerving to those who look upon her. She seems unnatural, almost artificial. In response to her trauma, she has become terse, avoiding interacting with most people and dealing with problems head on. Her hair is dark and long, although she wears a hood most of the time to avoid most people from seeing her.

Once per round, on the first character acting in initiative controls the character.

Fey Curse (Start of Round)
Usage: Always
The first character to act in a round can choose 1 enemy. That enemy is cursed. Attacks against that enemy deals an additional 1d6 damage.

Fey Bargain (Passive)
Usage: Choose One
On an even attack roll, deal an additional 2d6, on an odd attack roll, take a 1d6 damage.

Misdirection (Active)
Usage: Choose One
Can be activated by an ally within 3 squares. One attack per round can be misdirected to another ally.

Longstride (Passive)
Usage: Choose One
Allies can move 1 additional square this round.